Advancements in technology and diversification of roles

Advancements in technology and diversification of roles

Nurse-managed health centers and clinics are providing care at more convenient locations. Please explain the need for this change, benefits, and possible solutions to any obstacles.

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The practice of nursing has changed in many ways. Advancements in technology and diversification of roles have propagated notable changes in nurse-managed health centers and clinics. Remarkably, one of the most perceptible changes in this field is the establishment of more convenient locations in which health practitioners can attend to patients better. For instance, the inception of mobile health clinics has revolutionized the practice of nursing by enabling more flexible and treatment options (Andrews, 2016). Additionally, home-based care has also proved to be a viable treatment solution at a location that is different from conventional health facilities. It is prudent to note that these changes are necessary as they present diverse benefits to both patients and health practitioners.


Health institutions can regularly deploy mobile clinics to reach patients who are cut off from access to health centers. With mobile clinics, it is easy to reach isolated groups and newly displaced populations (Hill et al., 2014). The World Health Organization (WHO) is known for using mobile clinics to provide treatment services to such groups. The primary advantage of mobile care is that it is accessible and affordable for most patients. Advancements in technology and diversification of roles

Notably, there are some obstacles to the aforementioned changes. For instance, setting up a mobile clinic can be expensive (Abbasi et al., 2016), there can be a lack of security, and neighborhoods which mobile clinics are dispatched to maybe dangerous. However, hospitals can mitigate this challenge by seeking the intervention of government agencies and non-governmental organizations for private donations. Also, providing security or informing local law inforcement of mobile clinic days and hours of operation may provide a partnership between the two departments.

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The typical image of a “nurse or NP owned business” would be small, convenient, flexible, and nursing centered. It is hard to see a big name and lucrative business in that area, especially in CA. Currently in CA, NPs are unable to work independently. NPs can work only under the supervision of MDs. If House Bill 890 which would make the NP’s independence possible, could pass in future, CA NPs would have more flexibility as business owners.

One NP start-up company got $45 million dollars this year. The company,  IntelyCare, was co-founded by Chris Caulfield, a Nurse Practitioner. It is the biggest venture capital investment in nursing history (“Nurse practitioner’s startup receives $45million – the largest nursing investment ever,” n.d.). We, nurses are not trained business owners. We would have a hard time to own and operate a health care business, given our educational background. However, our world is changing. If a business model or concept fit to the demands, any business would have a chance to succeed like IntelyCare.  Advancements in technology and diversification of roles

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Example: euthanasia violates the principles of a nurse. Advancements in technology and diversification of roles

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