Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

Several students struggle to get nursing capstone project ideas because they are unsure of what their lecturers expect them in their papers. “What is a capstone project in nursing?” may be the first question that comes to mind.

A nursing capstone project is a research paper containing experiments, data, and real-world experience to help nursing students enhance their professional skills. Your college lecturer or instructor counts on you to make a strong case for your chosen topic. Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

A student’s capstone topic should pique the student’s interest and the person who will assess it. As a result, students should choose capstone project topics related to their prior work experience. During their final year in school, students work on this project.

This project allows students to exhibit their post-graduation career path and theoretical competency. Some nursing capstone project examples are papers prepared by students studying MSN and BSN. Here are some terrific ideas to consider if you’re having difficulties choosing a project topic.


 Latest Capstone Project Ideas for Nursing Students

When deciding on a capstone paper topic, students should examine the generalization of previously completed work and the application of competence-oriented tasks before exam qualifying. Here are some outstanding nursing capstone project ideas.

  1. Systems of emergency response
  2. How to avoid dysfunctional behavior in dementia patients
  3. Strategic planning is required for patient-centered medical institutions.
  4. Probiotics: How to Use Them After Antibiotics
  5. How to decrease the spread of sexually transmitted illnesses through behavioral health interventions
  6. Examining models of visitation
  7. Sleep apnea patients should have their hearts checked.
  8. How to deal with patients who have ADHD
  9. Professional development and training for nursing staff
  10. Examining the roles of nurses
  11. How to promote baby health by promoting breastfeeding
  12. Identifying and preventing re-admissions of stroke patients
  13. Vaccination and teaching regarding HPV
  14. A clinically valuable checklist of cardiac skills in adolescents
  15. Bridging the gap between student and registered nurse through simulation
  16. Establishment of bedside shift reports
  17. How to improve the quality of life of patients with congestive heart failure
  18. Dimensional analysis is a valuable technique for calculating dose.
  19. Nursing home residents of African descent are being educated about asthma and diabetes. Nursing Capstone Project Ideas
  20. What can be done to improve pain management in post-anesthesia care facilities?
  21. Control and prevention of diabetes
  22. How to avoid contracting Lyme disease
  23. Advocating for public health to increase pregnant women’s access to healthcare in rural areas
  24. Non-pharmacological approaches to dementia treatment
  25. Strategies for preventing and treating childhood obesity
  26. Effective point-of-care testing
  27. Patients were dependent on ventilators during the covid-19 epidemic.
  28. Strategies for enhancing nursing safety in psychiatric care units
  29. Using unconventional art therapy to alleviate adolescent sadness
  30. In operating rooms, nurses develop compassion fatigue.
  31. Addressing treatment and stigma among patients with mental illness who lack decision-making autonomy
  32. The best treatment options for diabetic individuals
  33. Nursing shortages exist in public health institutions.
  34. Best practices for providing essential care to terminally ill patients
  35. How to combat non-communicable diseases by behavioral modification methods
  36. Teaching students about sexual health to prevent teen pregnancy and STDs.
  37. Why is a person’s medical history relevant?
  38. The most prevalent diseases among the elderly
  39. The patient portal’s underutilization, as well as the influence of low income and ethics
  40. Healthcare system integration
  41. Employees are covered by health insurance.
  42. Techniques for fostering good aging
  43. How to prevent ventilator-related infections in hospitalized patients
  44. Nursing evidence-based practice
  45. Patient advocacy and advanced practice
  46. How do HMOs stimulate their preventative care processes?
  47. How to examine the mental health of veterans
  48. How do organizational culture impact the implementation of evidence-based practices?


  49. Macro trends affecting healthcare system in the united states
  50. Racial discrimination in healthcare delivery in the united states
  51. Examining the legislation to provide affordable health care to Americans
  52. Iom is planning for future implementation.
  53. What are the barriers and motivations for associate degree nurses to return to school to acquire a bachelor’s degree in nursing science? Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

All of these are fantastic nursing capstone project ideas. Nonetheless, students should choose topics that they will enjoy working on from start to finish.

When studying for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, your professor will need you to write a capstone paper. A BSN nursing capstone project is essentially a scientific study designed to improve the professional skills of future nurses. Here are some interesting nursing capstone project ideas for BSN students to consider.

  1. The nurse’s role in patient adoption during hospitalization
  2. The essence of a health school for people with musculoskeletal disorders
  3. Examining the feasibility of implementing a nursing process in neurosurgery
  4. Analysis of a conflict situation in a medical team
  5. Analysis of common errors in nursing practice when doing a functional study
  6. Why does the quality of patient preparation matter for instrumental and laboratory research methods?
  7. In diabetic individuals, insulin therapy is used.
  8. The importance of patient care and treatment regimens
  9. Nursing peculiarities for patients of various ages
  10. Is nurse looks a part of a nursing culture?
  11. Communication is a powerful tool for aiding patients in adjusting to life changes
  12. Is patient education an effective intervention for self-care nursing?
  13. Is the patient’s personality a subject of the nurse’s work?
  14. What about nursing and medicine?
    • What is the connection?
  15. Modern neurology issues include the prevalence, prevention, and structure of nervous system illnesses.
  16. All of these are intriguing capstone nursing project ideas for students obtaining a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Nonetheless, choose your topic wisely to conduct research and generate valuable material for your degree and future employment.

Nursing Informatics Capstone Project Ideas

Computer science has progressed beyond computer games. This area of nursing topics contains technical knowledge. In most situations, completing a nursing informatics capstone project necessitates a team of researchers researching a topic and preparing a presentation. Consider these nursing capstone themes for your project if you are interested in doing so.

  1. How to expand the nursing practice by using electronic health recording
  2. The most effective technologies for teaching nursing personnel
  3. Informatics and contemporary clinical issues
  4. Modeling nursing processes
  5. Data security and nursing practice
  6. How can a nurse’s informatics skills be improved?
  7. Small-scale procedures and technologies
  8. Current Nursing Informatics Trends
  9. In nursing practice, biometric analysis is used.
  10. Nursing informatics fundamentals
  11. Adoption of e-learning in healthcare management
  12. How to use extensive data research to develop and improve patient security and safety
  13. How to assess the influence of nursing informatics on the quality of nursing services
  14. The current state of nursing informatics in developing nations
  15. The benefits and drawbacks of current health record systems
  16. Using new systems to communicate nursing information
  17. Examining several approaches for storing nursing informatics data
  18. The main priority for future informatics investments
  19. Big data and ethics- Can they coexist in the nursing profession?
  20. Biometrics’ potential hazards in the nursing profession
  21. Application of informatics in rural regions
  22. The government’s influence on the automation of nursing processes
  23. What the nursing faculty thinks about using computer-based virtual simulation in Associate Degree Nursing programs.
  24. Using electronic medical records to deliver emergency care
  25. Making use of big data in clinical research
  26. Nursing students use simulation.
  27. Smartphones are being used for inpatient teaching and management.
  28. Integration of health informatics into nursing education
  29. Obstacles to competency development in nursing informatics
  30. Nursing students’ digital literacy is being developed.
  31. What role may nursing informatics play in quality improvement?
  32. Electronic records are employed in the delivery of patient-centered care.
  33. Using surgical robots
  34. The usage of big data in healthcare contexts
  35. Healthcare management information systems
  36. Informatics topics revolve around applying information technologies to solve problems or improve nursing practice. Nonetheless, students should be inspired by visiting necessary authorities or nurses to learn about challenges that can be solved utilizing information technologies. Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

Ideas for Nursing Practicum Projects

For MSN students, a practicum is primarily the final project. A practicum consists mainly of applying nursing skills and knowledge to real-life events and situations. After completing the graduate courses, you should put your skills to use by participating in activities that assist the creation of your professional portfolio. Here are some suggestions for your practicum assignment.

  1. Nurses are being bullied and sabotaged on purpose at healthcare facilities.
  2. How education and experience influence registered nurse errors
  3. The use of the bedside shift report by nurses
  4. Best strategies for night shift nurses to deal with stress
  5. The ethics of data collection in primary care
  6. How to Handle Foreign Patients
  7. Examining nurses’ attitudes toward HIV/AIDS patients
  8. How to Adjust to a New Work Station at a Hospital Following a Transfer
  9. How to Motivate Emergency Medical Technicians
  10. Why is health risk awareness critical?
  11. Practical methods for dealing with and preventing stomach ulcers
  12. A statistical analysis of the mental health status in the United States How to avoid recurrence in psychiatric patients
  13. How nurses may tackle the abortion conundrum
  14. How to Forecast the Risk of Ulcers
  15. Young people are more aware of the health risks associated with body piercing and tattooing.
  16. The significance of health education in improving infant and maternal healthcare services in public and private institutions

These are all fascinating topics for practicum projects. Nonetheless, students should spend enough time studying and analyzing information to write excellent papers.

Creative Nursing Project Ideas

Perhaps you’re seeking fresh ideas for a nursing project. Consider the following themes for your paper in that instance.

  1. Reviewing the best practices for critical care providing in medical emergencies
  2. The various sorts of nursing and why the world requires them
  3. Every day, emergency nurses face new challenges.
  4. Many people aspire to be nurses, and personality traits can help them attain this objective.
  5. How to Prevent Patient-Nurse Violence
  6. Measures that healthcare practitioners might do to protect themselves How communication technology influences the nursing profession
  7. The public is concerned about men’s roles in nursing.
  8. The significance of social media in enhancing nursing efficiency
  9. Service satisfaction and a healthy workforce can be ensured through wellness programs.
  10. Nurses’ roles to patients’ beliefs
  11. How to manage medical emergencies with an effective critical care system
  12. The efficiency with which nurses manage acute and chronic disorders
  13. Adolescents’ psychological health can be improved with the use of practical tools.
  14. Development of medical accommodation audit tools in healthcare
  15. The benefits and drawbacks of HPV vaccination
  16. Examining the impact of communication technology on the nursing profession
  17. How to Improve Infant Health by Promoting Breastfeeding
  18. Treatment for Obesity: The Drawbacks and Advantages of Different Methods
  19. How to manage diabetes in young children by putting cutting-edge therapies to the test
  20. How to Assess the Effectiveness of Nursing Education
  21. Examining several approaches to increasing pregnant women’s access to high-quality care
  22. In nursing, online learning vs. classroom learning
  23. How might registered nurses improve pain management tools?
  24. Distinctions and similarities between modern and traditional healthcare approaches
  25. Creating nurse assessment instruments
  26. Examining concept-based strategies for enhancing nurse leadership abilities
  27. Nursing asthma therapy
  28. A case study in occupational and environmental medicine
  29. Ways for nurses to improve their resource management skills
  30. In 2022, there will be nursing curriculum gaps.
  31. How to Make Technology Work for Patients
  32. Coronavirus vaccines are being researched.
  33. Examining the causes of female obesity
  34. How do night shifts affect nurse productivity?
  35. How long should nurses rest before returning to work?
  36. Nursing solutions for dealing with emotional issues
  37. Why is nursing preparation essential in an emergency?

These are some imaginative suggestions for your nursing capstone project ideas. Nonetheless, choose a title that you will be happy to work with throughout the project


Senior Project Topics on Nursing

Perhaps you’d want to learn more about nursing topics related to seniors. In that case, choose a capstone project topic from the list below.

  1. How to Use Technology to Improve Nursing Home Patient Safety
  2. Technological approaches for the control of socially impaired conduct in dementia patients
  3. Examining joint problems in older patients
  4. Adult patients benefit from effective weight management regimens.
  5. Seniors’ mental health issues and psychiatric care
  6. Alzheimer’s is an illness that affects the elderly.
  7. How to Lower Cardiovascular Risk in Seniors
  8. Preventing Parkinson’s disease: Precautions
  9. How does restless legs syndrome impact the elderly?
  10. Stroke and cerebrovascular disease
  11. Ethical considerations in geriatrics What are the consequences?
  12. What are the standards for providing elders with critical care?
  13. What is the efficacy of bladder cancer therapy?
  14. The study of atrial fibrillation
  15. Investigating joint problems in the elderly
  16. If you enjoy researching the elderly, these are fascinating topics to investigate. Nonetheless, be prepared to devote time and resources to locating appropriate data for your work.

Nursing Leadership Project Ideas

Many researchers are venturing into nursing leadership topics. However, this does not indicate that they have exhausted all relevant information. You can investigate these ideas and write a winning paper.

  1. Why nurse groups are essential in defining the future of nursing
  2. contrasting and contrasting nurse leadership roles in public and private hospitals
  3. Do pharmaceutical corporations have the right to charge exorbitant prices for their products?
  4. The differences in leadership accountability between developing and emerging countries
  5. Nursing leadership definition
  6. What leadership characteristics exemplify excellence?
  7. Nurse leader training programs
  8. How should nurses approach transactional leadership?
  9. Methods for retaining team leadership to improve healthcare team collaboration
  10. Leadership and nursing education
  11. Leadership characteristics and behaviors among nurses
  12. Student nurses and leadership
  13. Leadership and management styles in nursing
  14. Nursing leadership characteristics that demonstrate greatness
  15. Charge nurses’ flaws and strengths
  16. Why is nurse leadership important?
  17. Theories of nurse leadership
  18. How should nurse leaders address stress management?
  19. Why should nursing leaders follow ethical practices?
  20. The most effective approaches for nurse leaders to initiate and manage change
  21. Nurse leaders should have both short-term and long-term goals.
  22. Why should nurse leaders use charismatic leadership?
  23. Leadership in the eyes of nurses
  24. How can nurse leaders help to increase project quality?
  25. Modern nurse leaders face several challenges. Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

You can investigate any of these nursing leadership topics and write a report to persuade the teacher to give you the highest mark. However, to write a winning essay, you must conduct considerable research on your topic.

Health Promotion Capstone Nursing Idea

  1. Perhaps you’d like to write about health promotion. In that case, consider the following suggestions for your nursing capstone project.
  2. How to develop new strategies and incorporate them into brain health programs
  1. What is the efficacy of school health promotion?
  2. How to Disseminate Critical Health Information to the Community
  3. Why is it essential to promote health amid disease outbreaks?
  4. How to Handle a Pandemic Around the World
  5. Understanding the Fundamentals of Brain Exercise
  6. New approaches to HIV prevention and health promotion
  7. How to Prevent and Raise Awareness About Cyberbullying
  8. How school-based interventions can help youngsters avoid mental health problems
  9. Methods for Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle in Old Age
  10. Community-based programs that assist elders in exercising safely

This list has numerous possibilities for your nursing capstone project. Take your time, though, to comprehend what each of these areas asks of you. Also, before beginning the research and writing process, carefully review and analyze your essay prompt. You will answer the question more precisely and correctly this way. If you are confused about what the educator expects you to perform, look at these examples of capstone projects for nurses. There are numerous websites with sample papers that you can use as guidance when writing this assignment.

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