Community Health Program

Community Health Program


Write a business plan regarding

Community Health Program (CHP)


You are a project manager with a national nonprofit health organization specializing in a single class of disease. Senior leadership of the organization has asked you to put together a mobile health promotion outreach program able to reach a diverse population from inner-city areas to rural communities. Focal to this program is a vehicle for promoting and providing screening activities.


  • The American Cancer Society and breast cancer or colorectal cancer

Important factors for consideration in your proposal include:

  • Supply needs particular to your disease
  • Funding – grants, donations, sponsorships
  • Vehicle selection and design
  • Scheduling of staff and locations for events – clinical staff, promotion/support staff, drivers
  • Marketing/promotion – local and regional
  • Training
  • Education materials
  • Permitting
  • Legal/regulatory issues – liability, local government restrictions, Department of Transportation
  • Cultural and language issues across locations
  • Patient flow
  • Sanitary needs, sterilization
  • Vehicle issues – maintenance, wear and tear costs, insurance, fuel

Background Info:

  • Community Health Program
    • American Cancer Society Breast Cancer
      • Mobile Unit
      • Offers breast exam in rural, low income areas where access to Women’s Health is limited.
  • Non-profit, extension of the Breast CA society
  • Idea for a name
    • “Busting Breast Cancer” Mobile Unit
  • Location
    • Tulare, California

MY TOPICS-write about following topics in detail

Management team

Marketing analysis components

Financial analysis Community Health Program

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