Components of Health Care Systems

Components of Health Care Systems


Now that you know more about the different components of the health care system and the concept of a Primary Care Medical Home, I would like you to think about how all of the pieces work together. Read the following case scenario.

Case Scenario: A 67 year old widower with heart failure, diabetes, and chronic kidney disease was taken by ambulance to the emergency room for pneumonia. He was hospitalized for 10 days and needed one month of rehabilitation before going home. Once home he needed additional assistance for one month until he eventually was able to live on his own without assistance.


Answer these questions based upon the scenario: Components of Health Care Systems

1. Identify as many traditional AND allied (paramedics, aids, etc.) health care providers as you can that likely worked with this man over the past six months (before, during, and after his hospitalization). Hint: There could be dozens of different people. Note: Do not simply provide a bulleted list of job positions. Discuss when they become involved.

2. What might have been done prior to his hospitalization that could have prevented his hospitalization? Components of Health Care Systems

3. What should be put in place to prevent a readmission to the hospital?

4. Use this week’s assigned reading to help define the term “Medical home” and explain the role a good medical home may play in this process?

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