Discussion Nursing Interventions

Discussion Nursing Interventions

Discuss two areas of difficulty you encountered or two new nursing interventions you learned this week at your clinical site. You may also choose to share one of each. Please remember to respond to two of your peers.

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Reply 1: Jennifer

Using excellent communication skills, nurses help families determine the priority of issues they are confronting, identify their needs, and develop a plan of action, (Lancaster, 2014, pg.608). Doing phone calls for Vitas Hospice was not what I had in mind for clinicals. Now that I have been doing it for a couple of months, I have developed nursing interventions I did not even know I was doing. Through these calls, I have learned that there is a lot of compromised family coping along with surprise to the depth of their grieving. Because we are not to go too deep on these calls, there is a fine line when the person on the other end is crying. Having knowledge about the grieving process has helped to reinforce their feelings and help them deal more effectively with them Discussion Nursing Interventions.

Through assessing their level of grief, I am able to explain the appropriateness of their grieving process while encouraging the verbalization of their feelings so that I can acknowledge and validate them. An open dialogue about feelings can be very healing.



Reply 2: Katherine

One of the most difficult experiences that I have faced when making calls for VITAS is the frustration expressed by families who have had loved ones that have passed away and all the medical equipment has remained within the household days after. It’s hard enough to lose someone close, but to have all the equipment, including the bed they laid and died in, still present within the home days after the passing is something that can lead to delayed coping. This is also something that I cannot fix. I can make calls to the medical equipment company, but I cannot control when they pick up the items. For example, the Thanksgiving holiday was last week, and many services were delayed. I spoke to a woman who had lost her husband and still had all his equipment in the house. She stated she had his bed, the oxygen machine, the wheelchair, etc. She also stated she was planning on having family over for Thanksgiving and her small house size made it impossible to “hide” those items. The medical equipment company would not pick up the items until after the holiday, so having to relay this information to her was difficult for me. The only intervention I could give was therapeutic communication and validation of her concerns. I also reminded the woman that given the circumstances, her family would understand. She was grateful that I listened to her concerns and the conversation ended on a high note Discussion Nursing Interventions.

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