Enzymes Diagnostic Essay

Enzymes Diagnostic Essay

What facts did you learn that you did not know before?

This topic equipped me with robust knowledge about the function of enzymes in the diagnosis. I learned that isoenzymes within the cells are released in blood whenever the cells are damaged because a disease has attacked them. I noted that there is a specific level of isoenzymes in the blood serum and an increase in this level helps doctors classify the existence of a disease and which part of the body it has attacked.


  1. How do enzymes help in the diagnosis of human disease?

Enzymes participate a vital part in the identification of diseases. Many different forms of enzymes exist in the body. Notably, in any healthy body, the cells have isoenzymes that function within them. When an individual contracts a disease, the disease damages, specific organs, which causes the cells to die. Once the cells are dead, they begin releasing the contents within them, such as isoenzymes. Typically, isoenzymes operate in the cells, but once the cells die, they are released into the bloodstream. This results in a rise in the level of certain isoenzymes in the blood serum. Doctors use these stages to recognize the existence of disease as well as its location within the body. For instance, whenever there is a rise in serum LDH5, M4, the diagnosis indicates damage to the liver. Enzymes Diagnostic Essay

  1. Why are enzyme tests only the first step in the diagnosis of disease?

Enzyme tests are the first phase in the identification of an illness because they help in early detection. When the body contracts a disease, the disease targets some organs and damages the cells and tissues within those organs. This means that the cells’ contents are released into the blood scrum, and measuring the level of isoenzymes helps detect a disease. Because of the ease of identifying the damaged areas within the body because of isoenzymes in the blood, doctors prefer testing enzymes as the first step.

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