Evaluating a Self Introduction Speech Essay

Evaluating a Self Introduction Speech Essay

When giving a self-introductory speech, it is essential to identify the strategy to use. A speech without an approach fails to capture the attention of the audience and results in the failure of the speaker to get the intended message home. In the speeches by Dusty and Camille, strategy has been integrated with both using different approaches. The speech by Dusty is better than that of Camille. One notable aspect of both speeches is how the authors use humor to entertain their audiences. Dusty uses a lot of humor, in his speech, an aspect that lacks in Camille’s speech.


The area where I deducted points is that of the introductory speech where the author fails to talk about the future. Dusty chooses the self-introductory speech where he provides a detailed description of his past and present. He explains how his father wanted him to be part of the football team and how his father would not allow him to quit after having been part of the football team for about two years. When beginning his speech, Dusty provides details about where he comes from and makes this introduction hilarious by giving one joke after the other. These are accounts of his past, which satisfy the element associated with the past in a self-introductory speech. Evaluating a Self Introduction Speech Essay Towards the end of the speech, Dusty gives an account of his present and ends with several jokes. This is part of the self-introductory speech. Nonetheless, Dusty fails to account for the future, which is necessary for a self-introductory speech. It shows what the author expects and helps show the audience what they should expect about the speaker or themselves if they follow suit in what the speaker is saying. Another area I ducted marks in Dusty’s speech is the use of too much humor. Although humor is essential and is associated with capturing the audience’s attention, it should not be overly used. In the speech, Dusty uses too much humor; almost after every sentence he makes, he develops a joke. Too many jokes can divert the audience’s attention and fail the audience to capture the intended message since they are carried away by the jokes. Jokes should be used conservatively and not too much.

What I liked about the speech by Dusty was his use of humor. According to Aarons & Mierowsky (2017), using humor is one of the best ways to capture the target audience’s attention. This ensures the audience does not sleep, but instead remains active since they listen and laugh at the jokes. The audience that Dusty talks to is very attentive and captures all the jokes he provides. This is demonstrated by how they laugh at every joke he gives. The use of humor ensures his audience is attentive through the few minutes he talks to them. Another enjoyable element is how Dusty keeps his speech simple. His choice of words is admirable and helps keep the speech understandable plus straightforward.

The speech by Dusty is better than that of Camille because of the way it captures the audience’s attention. Dusty chooses to go for humor, which is a brilliant strategy to keep the audience alert and attentive. This strategy works since the audience keeps laughing, which means they understand what is being said. In contrast, the speech by Camille is insightful, but lacks as much humor to keep the audience alert. Evaluating a Self Introduction Speech Essay


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