Evaluating Culture from the Nursing Perspective Essay

Evaluating Culture from the Nursing Perspective Essay

Question One

Poland had the highest smoking population globally, which meant immediate action was required to protect people from developing cancer. The main change came from the legislation approved by the Polish parliament. In November 1995, the “Law for the Protection of Public Health Against the Effects of Tobacco Use” was passed. This was the starting point for the changes that saw the rate of smoking decrease in Poland. The law banned smoking and the selling of cigarettes in places such as healthcare centers, enclosed work areas, and schools. The sale of tobacco was prohibited to individuals under the age of 18, as Kinder (2004).


The production, as well as selling of smokeless tobacco, was also banned. Electronic media advertising was restricted, including advertising on other media platforms. Tobacco manufacturers were obligatory to have a health cautionary printed on cigarette packs. The government also provided free smoking dependence treatment. This legislation went ahead to serve as a model for other nations and has continued to be adapted and implemented in other areas because of its favorable nature. Additionally, change was instituted by the increase in tax. In 1999, a total ban on tobacco product advertising was implemented.

Question Two

Social and political factors added to cigarette smoking being a culture in Poland. According to Kinder (2004), the state-controlled the lucrative tobacco industry, and at the time, this industry was the leading source of revenue for the government. To ensure its lucrative business continued and revenue increased, the government concealed information concerning the negative effects of smoking cigarettes. This meant that a majority of the smokers in Poland did not have information concerning the harmful effects associated with tobacco smoking, which increased its usage. Any tobacco legislation introduced back then was instantly rejected by the government because it was deemed a menace to the government’s source of revenue.  Evaluating Culture from the Nursing Perspective Essay

Question Three

Cultural bias can be surpassed by communication and creating a positive association with individuals from other cultures. It is always vital to be mindful of cultural bias and avoid making any assumptions about any given culture without sufficient knowledge (Paul-Emile et al., 2020). Yes, sometimes I find it difficult dealing with some groups instead of others because of their cultural beliefs. People use cultural information to eliminate stereotypes and biases they might have developed in the past, helping them develop positive relationships. Having sufficient knowledge about people from different cultures does not lead to stereotyping, but instead reduces these stereotypes because of clarity from learning cultural information. Cultural knowledge changes an individual’s preparation and interface with others substantially. Notably, a person will know what to do and what to avoid when dealing with a person from a different culture, which subsequently smoothens their interactions.



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