Evidence-Based Practice and the Quadruple Aim

Write a brief analysis of the connection between evidence-based practice and the Quadruple Aim. Your analysis should address how evidence-based practice might (or might not) help reach the Quadruple Aim, including each of the four measures of:

· Patient experience
· Population health
· Costs
· Work-life of healthcare providers


Written Expression and Formatting—Paragraph Development and Organization:
Paragraphs make clear points that support well-developed ideas, flow logically, and demonstrate a continuity of ideas. Sentences are carefully focused—neither long and rambling nor short and lacking substance. A clear and comprehensive purpose statement and introduction are provided which delineates all required criteria.

Develop nursing informatics- Assignment 1

a 5- to 6-slide PowerPoint presentation that addresses the following:

· Explain the concept of a knowledge worker.
· Define and explain nursing informatics.
Develop a graphic visual representation of the role of the nurse leader as a knowledge worker. On the slide, include an explanation of the role.
Present the hypothetical scenario you originally shared in the Discussion Forum. Include your examination of the data you could use, how the data might be accessed/collected, and what knowledge might be derived from the data. Be sure to incorporate feedback received from your colleagues’ replies

Evidence-Based Practice in Informatics

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