Evidence-Based Practice in Informatics

Evidence-Based Practice in Informatics

You may recall the data, information, knowledge, and wisdom—or DIKW—framework from previous coursework. This week, you recall that prior learning and extend the “W” in the framework by reflecting on what contributes to wisdom in nursing practice.
One way to think of wisdom in nursing is the application of data, information, and knowledge. That is, how you use the data, information, and knowledge can be considered a type of wisdom. Likewise, applying evidence-based practice is also a type of wisdom in your nursing practice. This week, you begin the process of extending these concepts to the realm of nursing informatics, an area in which the use of the evidence-based practice is acutely related to improving patient experiences and outcomes.


Discussion: From Data to Knowledge to Evidence-Based Practice

In a previous course, you considered concepts of data, information, knowledge, and wisdom—that is, you sought meaning in data and how to apply knowledge about the data. Now, in this Discussion, consider how identifying gaps in practice, along with theory, models, and evidence-based practice can lead to greater wisdom in the data, information, knowledge, and wisdom framework.
To Prepare
Review concepts of evidence-based practice in correlation to data collection and knowledge.
Consider how this learned knowledge, along with theoretical models, can now be put into nursing practice to create safe and quality healthcare services and information.

Post an explanation of how theoretical models and the concepts of data, information, knowledge, and wisdom relate to evidence-based practice in nursing. Be specific and provide examples.

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Health Information Patient Handout

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