NUR 550 Evidence-Based Practice Proposal

NUR 550 Evidence-Based Practice Project Proposal

The following PICO statement to write an Evidence-Based Practice Proposal

P- For the young athletes with anterior cruciate ligament injury,
I- does nonsurgical treatment work such as physical therapy
C- Compared to surgical reconstruction
O- Helps in better quadriceps motor control return?
The proposed PICO question states; “For the adolescents with anterior cruciate ligament injury, does nonsurgical treatment such as physical therapy compared to surgical reconstruction help in better quadriceps motor control return?”


Prepare an evidence-based practice intervention proposal for a project whose focus is the resolution of the above PICO stated that indirectly or directly improves patient care. (Patients are conceptualized as individuals, groups, families, or communities).
Although recommendations will vary in length depending upon the problem or issue addressed, the paper must be between 3,000-3,750 words and formatted in APA style. The title page, appendixes, and references are not included in the word limit. The final paper should clearly describe the methods used to identify and retrieve the evidence as well as the rationale for exploring the clinical issue chosen. Clearly articulated recommendations for practice based on research evidence are essential to a successful paper.
Use section headings for each section component and address responses in narrative form. Sections of the final paper must include all of the components written to date (incorporating revisions), as well as the remaining sections. The sections include:
1. Title Page
2. Introduction
3. Problem or Issue
4. Question(s) From PICO
5. Literature Review
6. Research Questions and Ethical Considerations
7. Theory or Model
8. Proposed Solution
9. Implementation Plan
10. Evaluation Plan
11. Dissemination Plan
12. Conclusion/Summary
13. Reference Page
14. Appendices (if any)
Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide

Evidence-Based Practice and the Quadruple Aim


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