Grant Proposal Discussion

Grant Proposal Discussion


Post your Grant proposal to this discussion forum as an attachment in a word document or pdf file and also copy and paste the content in the message box.

Due Thursday at 1159 pm, CST

Grant Proposal Justification – Justification statement for a grant proposal related to your annotated bibliography. For an ‘item’ related to or in support of one’s professional field. (Example: Why funding should be granted to purchase heart-rate monitors for physical education classes), Derived from topic researched in an annotated bibliography.


Pattern of development: Persuasive; problem-solution

Length: 3 pages, single-line spacing (Not including Cover, Contents, and Reference Pages) Grant Proposal Discussion

Includes at least 5 in-text citations (APA format)

Utilizes at least 5-7 sources which must be appropriately cited in a reference list (APA format)

Use the information presented in the 9.1 Powerpoint presentation slides 2-19.

You may also use the link of the National Science Foundation.

/content/enforced/2965906-HSCI_315_1_202120/grant proposal template 40.docx

/content/enforced/2965906-HSCI_315_1_202120/grant proposal template 12.docx

/content/enforced/2965906-HSCI_315_1_202120/grant proposal template 221.doc Grant Proposal Discussion

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