Health Care Employer Risk Management

Health Care Employer Risk Management

Topic 2 DQ 2

Workers compensation is the amount of money given to a worker or employee when s/he encounters an injury during the work hours. Every health organization should ensure they put a safe kitty to cater for any emergencies such as workers’ injuries. The employee’s/ non-management staff member’s role is to report the case of injury to the health administrator. Normally, the case should be reported within 24 hours of its occurrence (Collie et al., 2019). Enough evidence should be given to ascertain the employee’s claims. The non-management staff or the employees should be willing to cooperate and adhere to the organization’s policies regarding reporting procedure and treatment method. Finally, the employee is expected to be faithful enough to give a report or feedback to the health administrator regarding the treatment. Health Care Employer Risk Management


An administrator acts like the supervisor of all activities going on in the hospital. He plays the bigger part of the whole process of workers compensation. He monitors workers performance which implies that he is also able to note and deal with any cases of workers’ injuries or emergencies. Health administrator should ensure workers get their compensation in good time to hasten the treatment process and protect occurrence of other serious health issues or complications (Collie et al., 2019). An administrator should guide the employees on how the whole treatment process should be done. He has the overall responsibility of ensuring workers rights are not violated and that all mechanisms are put in place to ensure workers safety all the time.Health Care Employer Risk Management

The best recommendation I can give concerning workers compensation is that all healthcare organizations should ensure they establish a strong team which will deal with risk management in the company. This team should compose of people with enough knowledge on the health organization workers’ compensation requirements of by the governments so that no law is violated by these organizations. Finally, the risk management team should always ensure they assist workers know their rights and treat all employees in a fair or just manner.

Research the role of an administrator versus that of a nonmanagement staff member in dealing with a workers’ compensation incident in a typical health care organization. What are the minimal responsibilities and reporting duties for each? What recommendations would you suggest for improving organizational compliance with regulatory requirements at the staff level? Support your analysis with a minimum of one peer-reviewed reference.

There should be a mix between research and your reflections.. Add critical thinking in the posts along with research. Apply the material in a substantial way.

Using 200-300 words APA format with at least two references. Sources must be published within the last 5 years Health Care Employer Risk Management

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