Health Issues assignment

Health Issues assignment


You will be writing a paper specifically related to the different health issues that will be discussed in  your term paper.  These are basically reaction papers to articles that you will need to locate for your term paper.  The summary should be about a different aspect of your approved topic for your term paper.  Guidelines for completion of the article summary are as follows:


1.  Locate a current article that examines a health issue topic that is relevant to the forces affecting the delivery of health care such as political, economical, technical, cultural, social and ethical components.  (A Website is not an acceptable resource, BUT journal articles found on the Internet are).  Articles can be found at your local library, a college library, or from Internet sources.  The article must show a correlation between the health issue and concepts discussed in your textbook.  Textbooks are not an acceptable resource for this assignment Health Issues assignment .

2.  Write a two-three page paper that include the following components:

a.  A summary of the article in your own words:  DO NOT COPY from the article!

b.  Your own personal reaction to the article:  What did you learn?  What did you think of the information provided?

c.  Your analysis of how the article demonstrates a correlation between what we have been discussing in class (and in the text and lecture materials) about an issue.


In other words: What aspects of the article demonstrate how this particular issue impacts health practices, structure of, government role in, and financing of health  care? Health Issues assignment

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