Health professions clinical teaching methods

Health professions clinical teaching methods


  • Each student will submit a brief paper, not to exceed six pages, that summarizes one clinical teaching methods and how it can be utilized within health professions teaching and/or learning.
  • The paper is based on student’s individual readings and research about the method they have selected, and builds upon content, which is introduced in the modules and reinforced throughout the course.
  • This paper should summarize the appropriate learning theory that supports effectiveness, as well as examples of strengths and weaknesses of the teaching method in the context of health professions education.
  • Use of APA, MLA, Chicago Manual, or AMA style is acceptable, though you will find that most classes at Warner use APA Health professions clinical teaching methods.


How to Complete the Assignment:

  • Define the problem: Identify a learning need and describe the learners, context, constraints, and learning outcomes
  • Complete a literature search on this problem specific to your discipline or other disciplines
  • From the literature review select a teaching method that is appropriate to meet the identified learning need
  • Summarize the literature review focused on the learning need and selected method, focusing specifically on how the method has been used, what are it’s benefits, what context is it most often or most effectively applied, what is the state of the evidence supporting it’s efficacy?
  • Synthesize research and/or theory from relevant literature to analyze the teaching method. This analysis should include a discussion of the strengths, limitations, and appropriate application of the method Health professions clinical teaching methods

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