How lobbying impacts firm performance

intro : –    relationship between CPA(lobbying)  and firm performance
–    how lobbying can impact firms: obtaining rate increases, earmarks, new import tariffs/protectionism
main part: use of tobins q to measure firm performance use of spss to portray results
variables used will be: whether a firm has an office in Brussels if a firm hires an external party to do its lobbying and if a firm is associated with an industry association that lobbies
The dummy variable has a value of 1 if a firm lobbies and 0 if it does not.
Dependant variable; Tobin’s Q is measured as the book value of assets divided by the end-of-year market value of common stock
larger firms are more likely to lobby the Financial Times list of the 500 largest European firms by firm value is used
e European transparency register6 has a large amount of information surrounding lobbying activities of firms

example paper:

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