Leadership Styles Discussion

Leadership Styles Discussion


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. Many different leadership styles have pros and cons that come with each. I feel like it has a transformational leadership style within the organization I work for now. A transformational leadership style motivates employees to take ownership of their roles and perform beyond expectations. The organization or company that I work for strives for employees and leaders to raise each other and serve with higher motivational levels. This style gives individuals within the company internal rewards for achieving their goals. Our facility has an internal rewards system to give employees points to buy different items and gift cards.


This leadership style motivates employees to go beyond their scope and do the best job possible for their organization and shows that leaders care and reward the team members appropriately. I want to work for a company with a transformational leadership style and a servant style. As a transformational style motivates followers to achieve their goals by giving them rewards, servant leadership identifies with five fundamental principles. The five principles concern people, stewardship, equality, indebtedness, and self-understanding. This type of leadership motivates leaders to seek personal and professional growth opportunities and take notes of their attitudes and values. This type of leadership style can promote a positive culture within your facility, and I believe that that is important Leadership Styles Discussion.

While looking at transformational leadership style, this can motivate your employees and raise the morale within your facility. Having an organization have this leadership style can develop change by employees feeling that they’re going above and beyond their scope and doing what is needed. They are getting recognition from their leaders to know that they care. This style allows an organization to promote positive morale and have a strong team that feels appreciated in the job they do. Servant leadership influences and motivates others by building relationships and developing good diverse groups. It is imperative to give diversity between nursing and ancillary departments within healthcare facilities to establish a multidisciplinary team to promote solutions to resolve underlying issues and promote best practices for your facility. A leadership style where all input is considered can help promote an organization to have better methods in which the employees feel like they have a voice.

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Leadership Styles Discussion

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