Mental Health Research Project

Mental Health Research Project (2) Arman Hovhannisyan // Namak Namak – Ax Nanar // New Single – YouTu… Canvas | Glendale Community College Research Paper Syllabus Due Wednesday by 11:59pm Points 150 Submitting a file upload Available Jun 26 at 11:59pm – Jul 19 at 11:59pm 23 days Modules GLENDALE COMMUNITY COLLEGE Assignments Quizzes RESEARCH PAPER Discussions Announcements Grades People Pages Follett Сс erences ? Mental Health Research Project


Chat C’MON, WRITE! OK, I NEED TO TRANSFER MY THOUGHTS FROM MY HEAD TO THIS SCREEN… WRITE! WRITE! THEY’RE TOUCHING! TRANSMIT! TRANSMIT! GCC Library Badges thud! thud! Google Drive ConferZoom SELE ЗС Media Free Online Tutor- ing Pisces WWW.PHDCOMICS.COM Virtual White- board Research papers are Due: July 17th 2019 by 11:59pm. Follett Discover Health 104 requires the student to write one research paper on a contemporary health topic. The topic that you choose should have personal significance to you, so that your research may benefit you. Your paper should include the following characteristics: • Typed and Double Spaced • Five to Seven pages in length. • Bibliography that includes five sources of information / references. • Done in an organized, neat, and scholarly fashion. Your research paper will be evaluated on the following criteria: • Meets the above Characteristics • Is on a contemporary health related topic. • A quality report, with all material factual and informative. • Includes a bibliography. • Reference materials are from publications since 2010. • Personalized ***Your paper must be on a topic that relates to you personally. You must include your own personal views of the topic and explain how this information will effect you own lifestyle and why.* *** >
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