NRNP 6568 Week 9 Knowledge Check: Preventative Health and Special Populations

  1. Question: What is the most common STI in the United States?
  2. Question: A healthcare professional who performs tasks involving exposure to blood or body fluids should receive a three-dose series of Hepatitis B vaccine at -month,-month, and -month intervals. NRNP 6568 Week 9 Knowledge Check.
  3. Question: What does LGBTQ stand for?
  4. Question: If an individual is older than years, he or she is legally able to make a healthcare decision without parental involvement.
  5. Question: Gender identity is a person’s individual association with gender (whether they feel primarily male, female, combination, or neither). NRNP 6568 Week 9 Knowledge Check.
  6. Question: If a PSA is above normal or a DRE is and an abnormality is performed, what should the next step be in treatment? NRNP 6568 Week 9 Knowledge Check.
  7. Question: Which medication has the highest incidence of erectile dysfunction?
  8. Question: It is … that all healthcare professionals are immune to varicella. What is evidence of immunity? NRNP 6568 Week 9 Knowledge Check.
  9. Question: What is the first-line pharmacologic treatment for chlamydia?
  10. Question: High-dose influenza vaccine is given to patients at what age?

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