NRS-429VN Topic 1 DQ 1 Health Belief Model Theory Essay

NRS-429VN Topic 1 DQ 1 Essay

Topic 1 DQ 2

Describe a health promotion model used to initiate behavioral changes. How does this model help in teaching behavioral changes? What are some of the barriers that affect a patient’s ability to learn? How does a patient’s readiness to learn, or readiness to change, affect learning outcomes?

NRS-429VN Topic 1 DQ 1 Sample Solution

According to Health promotion: Health & wellness across the continuum, the Health Belief Model an be used to predict or explain health behavior and predict readiness for change. This health promotion model digs further into the compliance of some individuals versus the noncompliance of others. The Health Belief Model was developed by a man names Godfrey Rosenstock. Rosenstock developed the Health Belief Model in attempts to fully understand the reasoning behind declining health in patients who had resources available to positively affect their health. “The five necessary components for individual change in health behavior modeled in Rosenstock’s model are the perceived:”

  • Susceptibility toward health threat,
  • Severity of health threat,
  • Benefits of action to reduce threat of illness,
  • Barriers to initiating preventative action, and
  • Ability to take preventative action or self-efficacy (Montanaro & Bryan, 2013).

We as nurses spend the most hands on time with our patients. Therefore, we are the ones who are able to detect what hinders our patients from health. Understanding their goals for health is an important start. The Health Belief Model helps identify what barriers there are in regards to a patients health. Barriers such as lack of education, lack of resources, lack of money or health benefits are all determining factors when attempting to identify barriers to a patients lack of healthcare. “The health-belief model offers an approach to understanding health-related behaviour. A clear understanding of the cause of behaviour is necessary in order to predict change. A clear understanding of cause is also necessary for determining methods to influence health behaviour.” Davidhizar R. (1983). Understanding each and every individual patients learning styles are essential in their way of learning and ability to learn the information provided. By adapting to each of their learning styles, we are able to improve their health by teaching our patients in ways that will promote their health and provide them with the information they need in order to remain free of hospitalizations.

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