Organizational Culture Inhibiting Cooperation

Organizational Culture Inhibiting Cooperation



Within the U.S. government, specifically, law enforcement, there exists a culture that resists cooperation and communication. In your command staff discussion board for the week, discuss the root cause of this culture and ways to mitigate it.

As the captain researching for the chief, you have observed that there is a culture in the government that hinders communication and cooperation between the three levels of law enforcement (federal, state, and local). You took it upon yourself to interview a key representative from each level to see if the opinions and views they had about cooperation and communication were similar to those that had been revealed in your literature review. These interviews can be found in the Interagency Coordination and Collaboration media, linked in the Resources for this discussion.


Based upon the introduction to this unit, your readings, and the clues found in your interviews, begin this discussion by posting the following: Organizational Culture Inhibiting Cooperation

  • Explain the organizational culture that results in continued barriers to communication and cooperation between federal, state, and local law enforcement as they combat terrorism.
  • Identify two separate ideas supported by the literature that are needed to improve cooperation and participation between levels of government in the fight against terrorism.
  • Illustrate how ideas supported by the literature that are needed to improve cooperation and participation would alleviate the barriers to communication and cooperation in the fight against terrorism Organizational Culture Inhibiting Cooperation

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