Personal Philosophy of Advance Nursing Practice Narrative

Personal Philosophy of Advance Nursing Practice Narrative

Personal Philosophy of Advance Nursing Practice Narrative This Assignment addresses this course outcome: MN502-1: Formulate a professional nursing philosophy based upon the role and responsibilities of the advanced nurse. Introduction The purpose of this assignment is for you to present your views, values, and beliefs about the four concepts of the nursing metaparadigm (i.e., person, nursing, health, and environment) and their interrelationship to one another as they guide your current nursing practice.

The process of identifying a personal nursing philosophy of advanced nursing practice and continuously examining, affirming, and validating this philosophy through caring for patients, families, communities, populations, and/or systems can foster professional and personal growth that builds advanced practice expertise. Directions In this Assignment, you will develop the first draft of your personal philosophy of advanced practice nursing. You will continue to work on this document throughout the course, with new drafts reflecting your growing sophistication as you reflect on each week’s lesson. A philosophical statement includes these elements:

 An introduction that presents your thought processes used to articulate a philosophy of advanced practice nursing. Note that APA does not use a heading for the introduction, because it is assumed that the first few paragraphs of a manuscript are the introduction. Personal Philosophy of Advance Nursing Practice Narrative


 Valued personal concepts, such as

 Metaparadigm concepts such as person/client, nursing, health, and environment

 Additional concepts you may find valuable to advanced practice, such as IOM Future of Nursing, accountability, interprofessional collaborative practice, social justice, and professionalism

 Definition of each concept selected

 Relationships between and among concepts within your personal philosophy as applied to your current practice. A diagram should be used to graphically depict these interrelationships. Organization of Your Paper Your final paper is to be written in APA format (including organization, documentation, and references) and be no more than two pages in length. The paper should include a title page and reference list, however, these pages are not included in the final page count. Course materials, except textbooks, may be used and must be supplemented by current literature from peer-reviewed nursing journals no older than 5 years. Additional resources to support this Assignment include

 Reflection: Readings

IOM Future of Nursing

 Interprofessional collaborative practice Evaluation Criteria To view the Grading Rubric for this Assignment, please visit the Grading Rubrics section of the Course Home. Assignment Requirements Before finalizing your work, you should:

 be sure to read the Assignment description carefully (as displayed above);

 consult the Grading Rubric (under the Course Home) to make sure you have included everything necessary, and

 utilize spelling and grammar checks to minimize errors. Your writing Assignment should:

 follow the conventions of Standard American English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.);

 be well ordered, logical, and unified, as well as original and insightful;

 display superior content, organization, style, and mechanics; and

 use APA 6th Edition format. Running head:

TITLE GOES HERE 1 Personal Philosophy of Advanced Nurse Practice Student Name MN502 Professor Wood Date TITLE OF PAPER HERE 2 Personal Philosophy of Advanced Nurse Practice Write the introductory paragraph that specifically addresses the purpose of the assignment and presents your thought processes used to articulate a philosophy of advanced practice nursing. Note as you write each paragraph you will need at least five sentences in length to promote clarity to your written work Valued Personal Concepts Define In this paragraph you will want to provide a definition of each nursing metaparadigm (Person/client, nursing, health, and environment). Do not forget to cite your source support here.

Use journal articles versus the dictionary to align with graduate writing. Describe In this paragraph you will want to “give an account/convey” your personal thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about each nursing metaparadigm. Here is where you will include concepts that support your personal philosophy, examples such as accountability, advocacy, interprofessional collaborative practice, social justice, and professionalism to name a few. Personal Philosophy of Advanced Nursing Practice.

Narrative Explain In this paragraph you will want to provide reasons/justification for your actions and beliefs related to each nursing metaparadigm. Here is a great place to provide journal source support to align with graduate work. Current Practice Relate how the nursing metaparadigm and concepts you have chosen relate to your current practice. This is a good place to find a journal that aligns with your current practice or goal as source support to align with graduate writing.


• Collaborative Practice

• Accountability Person Nursing Advocate Health

• Leadership Environment

• Knowledge Conclusion The conclusion should tie together what you have written in a manner that makes a judgment about the content presented. It makes explicit the implicit in the writing.


4 References Author, A. B., & Author, C. D. (year). Title of reference. Where located. This is the basic formula for all reference entries. The following are some examples. Able, E. F., Cain, J. K., & Daniels, L. M. (year). Title of webpage/article, if article.

Retrieved from URL [Note, no period at end of this kind of entry] Boyer, R. M. (year). Title of the journal article. Title of Journal, volume number, (issue number), page numbers of article. Elephant, N. O. (year).

Title of chapter. In P. Q. Frank & R. S. Grant (Eds. [if listed as an editor on book; leave off if not]), Title of the book here (3rd ed. [if edition number present], pp. XXYY). City, STATE ABBREVIATION: Jones and Bartlett [Note, no “Publisher” or other words used]. Higgs, T. U. (year). Title of book (edition number, if one, as xth ed.). City, STATE: Publisher. Johnson, X. Y. (year, month day). Title of video [Video file]. Retrieved from URL 1 Running head: My Personal Philosophy Related to Advanced Practice Nursing Name goes here Kaplan University: MN502-01 Professor Ward March 22, 2016, 2 Running head: My Personal Philosophy Related to Advanced Practice Nursing Setting out to establish a philosophy that is focused on the responsibility of the advanced practice nurses role and truly delving into that role and what it means to me has been an eye-opening experience.

Philosophies are rational investigations focused on truth and principles of knowledge, conduct, and principles of being as well. Philosophy for nursing is the study of all of the metaparadigm concepts and the values, personal beliefs, and guiding structures these key items hold and are incorporated into one’s practice.

In researching the concepts related to the person, health, environment, and nursing I read the following statement by Martinsen, “Nursing is founded on caring for life, on neighborly love… At the same time it is necessary that the nurse is professionally educated” (Herdis, 2014, p. 147). This statement holds high value in my personal philosophy in that my focus on nursing and the role of the nurse has always been primarily based on caring, however as I have been a practicing nurse for over fifteen years and the experiences and things I have seen, the education, training, guidance, and role models I have encountered are what have made me the nurse I am today and are my foundational structure.

Personal Concepts and Values Define The profession of nursing has evolved based on continued education and growth within our evolving profession and role expansion needs related to health care. The advanced practice nurse is now a standard role within our industry and the opportunity for organizations to become Magnet certified has enabled us as nurses to be recognized as a strong and highly demanded professional affiliation. The focus of caring can be correlated with three principles that are relational, practical, and moral. “Relational means that caring requires at least two people” (Alvsvag, 2014, p.157)Personal Philosophy of Advance Nursing Practice Narrative. Caring that is practical is based on training and practice.

The moral 3 Running head: My Personal Philosophy Related to Advanced Practice Nursing associated with caring as a principle is related a genuineness, attitude, or mood as well as an acknowledgment. What we think is true about nursing is what nursing is to us. “It encompasses our values and ethical principles. It helps clarify for us who we are and who our patients are, and what we are doing and why we are doing it” (Meehan, T., 2015, p.2). Describe In the metaparadigm, there is a direct parallel between the person and the body. “The body is a unit of soul and flesh, or spirit and flesh. The person is bodily, and as bodies, we both perceive and understand” (Alsvag, 2014, p.157). Health is the overall state of the individual and the environment is situational and correlated with the space one resides at the time.

Explain The advanced practice nurse’s practice and philosophies are guided by the metaparadigm, however additionally the focus is on continued education and research. According to Benner, “…five levels of nursing experience: novice, advanced beginner, competent, proficient, and expert. The levels reflect a movement from reliance on abstract principles to the use of past concrete experience” (Olin, 2011, p.2). These stages are what shape the career path of a registered nurse. The organization’s works to drive and motivate nursing practice and should hold true to the values and practice concepts the nurse holds dear. Current Practice Advancement opportunities for the nurse and their professional role, the business aspects related to the industry of healthcare and the structure of an organization, and the notion that we as nurses are key stakeholders in decision-making and guiding principles for the patients we serve are true philosophical associations that must be determined.

I strive to incorporate the values of the organization I work for with my own values and practice beliefs. My successes are based on my experiences, educational opportunities and growth, and the risks that I have taken to further my career. Being a leader is difficult, challenging, and yet fulfilling and rewarding.

4 Running head: My Personal Philosophy Related to Advanced Practice Nursing Diagram

• Role

• Philosophy

• Condition

• Current State Nursing Health Person-Environment

• Driving Force

• Principles

• Standards Conclusion “It is the philosophy underlying our practice that brings to life our desire to be nurses” (Meehan, 2015, p. 1). The key driver for my nursing practice is the patient and this is my focus and guiding principle. Caring for them, helping them, keeping them safe, and supporting them and their family while maintaining my own professional boundaries, ethics, and morals are crucial to my practice.

My organization and team that I work with every day hold me to values and standards of practice that is always expanding and changing. Focus on always doing the right thing for the patient is imperative and the future of nursing will forever expand and grow as long as the patient remains the focus 5 Running head: My Personal Philosophy Related to Advanced Practice Nursing References Alvsvag, H. (2014). Philosophy of caring. In M. Alligood (Ed.), Nursing theorists and their work (pp.147-170). Carroll, K., Yancey, N., Doucet, T., Morrow, M., Wang, C., and Karnick, K. (2008). Paradoxical Rhythms: Preserving through a difficult time on Tuesdays with Morrie. The Illuminations File, 17(2), p. 6. Meehan, T. (2015). Careful nursing: philosophy & professional practice model. Careful Nursing, pp. 1-13. Retrieved from Olin, J. (2011). 7 Nursing theories to practice by. Notes from the Nurses’ Station, pp. 1-3. Retrieved from
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