Professional Nursing Beliefs and Values Reflection

Professional Nursing Beliefs and Values Reflection

The purpose of this paper will be to explore and reflect upon my professional beliefs and values. I will examine several areas including personal and professional behaviors, professional beliefs and values, professional respect and boundaries, and professional goals, knowledge and skills. This examination reflects upon where I have been, where I am now and where I would like to be in the future in terms of beliefs and values. In doing so, I will enhance both my personal and professional growth. Professional Nursing Beliefs and Values Reflection

Personal and Professional Behaviors

At the age of 16 I obtained my first job in healthcare as a CNA at a nursing home. By the time I started schooling for my RN I had already been an aid for eight years, and had become confident in my role. School was challenging, but I found that during clinicals my confidence remained unwavering. Three years later, that confidence has been set aside and has been replaced by a wide-eyed sense of standing at the base of a mountain wondering if I have enough water and stamina to make it to the top.

As an RN at a large inner-city hospital working in the Med/Surg Float pool, I find myself challenged with new and oftentimes scary patient assignments. A lot of time spent on the floor involves an inner struggle to anticipate changes in patient status while remaining calm and collected on the outside. Before each shift I make sure that my scrubs are wrinkle free, and my hair and make-up is appropriate and fresh. I carry a bag of supplies and tip sheets with me to each unit so as to decrease the time spent on finding a hidden stash of alcohol wipes and random door codes. Everything I do is meant to decrease inner anxiety, and increase an outward sense of confidence. In other words, professionally I see myself as a high anxiety, yet capable new nurse. I have the drive to obtain the knowledge and experience needed to decrease feelings of inadequacy and increase an inner sense of confidence. I would like to see myself as a confident, intuitive, and capable nurse. Professional Nursing Beliefs and Values Reflection


In contrast, outside of work I see myself as a lighthearted social being with a healthy sense of confidence. I enjoy relating to others and making people laugh. Oftentimes I wear colorful clothing and experiment with make-up and hairstyles. Sometimes I feel as if I am not the best at time management, and find myself wondering why I read an entire fiction novel in one day as opposed to going to the gym or meditating. Overall, I see myself as a happy individual with a fulfilling life. I do not wish to change any core aspects of my sense of self, but do value growing into a more peaceful and grounded individual as I age. Professional Nursing Beliefs and Values Reflection

Professional Beliefs and Values

Professionally, the values of presence, compassion, accountability, flexibility, and resourcefulness come to mind as some of the most important aspects of my nursing practice. I also have the self-awareness to identify that I am a helpful, tolerant, and cheerful nurse most of the time. I believe that health is a self-determined and subjective balance of mind/body/spirit. I also believe that nurses are fundamental in providing individuals with the tools to create a state of health and well-being that traditional Western Medicine alone cannot provide.

From an early age of nine I was put in charge of caring for my great grandfather before I went to school in the morning. I lived with my single father who worked two jobs, which resulted in my maturing at a young age. My values were self-learned and formed early on by this experience. With that said, negative values such as cowardice, irresponsibility, and selfishness were practiced by my abusive mother and subsequently rejected. I believe that the values I gained from my childhood have resulted in my becoming a compassionate and dedicated nurse. I would not change my current set of values, but strive to further gain a sense of spirituality and peace as I become more experienced in my professional practice. Professional Nursing Beliefs and Values Reflection

Professional Respect and Boundaries

I show respect for myself by taking care of my physical, mental, and emotional well-being. By having a balanced and healthy state of being I am better able to care for my patients, and consequently model for them what a state of balance looks like. I respect my patients by being aware and understanding of cultural, spiritual, and sociological differences. When patients and families decline treatment or have health care beliefs different from my own, I acknowledge their beliefs and allow them to practice self-determination. Professional boundaries are set by caring for the individual and/or family in the context of the inpatient setting without offering advice beyond the scope of my practice. I also do not share personal information beyond the basics such as my first name or how many pets I have. Some situations have arisen where family dynamics and disagreements have made it difficult to maintain professional boundaries and I have used outside consults such as social work and spiritual care to help the family deal with their difficult feelings.

Amongst my co-workers I respect them by not getting involved in gossip or talking poorly about another nurse’s performance. I have friends at work that I see socially, but when I’m at work I focus on patient care and not socializing in front of patients and families. When a co-worker with less experience has a question I don’t make them feel like they are inadequate, but rather answer the question and make myself available for inquiry in the future. Professional Nursing Beliefs and Values Reflection

Professional Goals

Recently I started cross-training to the post-partum area of the hospital I work at and have found that I truly enjoy this type of nursing and find it greatly rewarding. Ultimately I would like to transfer to this area full time and gain more experience as I finish my BSN. Once I have a few years of experience under my belt I would like to become professionally certified in one of the areas related to post-partum care and education. I plan on continuing school until I obtain a masters or doctoral degree, but am unsure of the exact course of action I want to take.

One of the great aspects of working for a large hospital is that I have a multitude of resources available to help me gain more experience and knowledge in my profession. Abbott Northwestern offers tuition reimbursement, seminars, training, and numerous opportunities to join committees and groups. I’m also very fortunate to have a supportive fiancé and friends that help me deal with the stresses of being in school and holding down two jobs. The factors related to hindering my ability to succeed are monetary and also involve time restraints. For now these areas provide more stress than actual barriers to success. Professional Nursing Beliefs and Values Reflection

Professional Knowledge

I’m lucky in that I have had a relatively long health care career in relation to the short time I’ve been an RN. By the time I started practicing as a nurse I had been an aid for a total of ten years. I had seen a lot of procedures related to in-patient care that a new graduate might not have seen. Also, as a float nurse I am able to bring a wide range of skills to the more specialized units and provide assistance with patient related situations that may be unfamiliar. In the future I wish to gain more knowledge of the post-partum population and the care of infants. This knowledge will directly relate to my wish to transfer to the post-partum unit at my hospital and specialize in this population as I further my degree. Professional Nursing Beliefs and Values Reflection

Professional Skills

When it comes to nursing skills, I believe I am most proficient at assessment and the implementation of nursing interventions in the Med/Surg hospital population. I rely heavily on my clinical skills such as wound care, medication administration, and safe patient movement. In the future I wish to gain knowledge of nursing research as a whole, as well as the more advanced aspects of post-partum nursing care, research, and education. These skills will directly relate to my goals of becoming a post-partum nurse and furthering my degree in that area.


In summary, I have highlighted my past, present and future goals and values. Where I have come from has influenced where I am now as a professional. My goals and values in turn help to inform my personal and professional life Professional Nursing Beliefs and Values Reflection

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