public health administration

public health administration


How does one define the field of public health administration? If you think about it, there are some professions that are fairly easy to define. Examples might be a carpenter, attorney, auto mechanic, registered nurse, dentist, physician, secretary, etc. Granted, the specifics of those jobs (and most others) can vary widely but if one says the title, most people would have a basic understanding of what the job means. But what if I tell someone I am a public health administrator? Would they know what I do?


You may have already noted that your text is entitled " Principles of Public Health Practice." You should note that it doesn't necessarily focus on administration or leadership when discussing a topic. Thus, as you move forward in this course, I would like you to try to view the topics in the lectures/text from the point of the public health administrator or leader rather than from the point of the public health practitioner public health administration

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