Stress and its health effects

Stress and its health effects



Health science class research paper.

Stress and its health effects

Research Paper (written assignment): Worth up to 100 points. Due date–SEE SYLLABUS.

The student will do a research paper on a health topic. The student must first get it approved only by the instructor unless it is already approved on the list of Research Topics (SEE CANVAS “ANNOUNCEMENT” SECTION). The topic must have a cover page and a reference page (MLA or APA format). Paper must be at least 6 pages in length and be typed in 12 point fontTimes New Roman and be double spaced. A summary of what you have learned from the topic must be included at the end of your paper in your OWN WORDS. See sample outline BELOW(RUBRIC) for RECOMENDED format. Stress and its health effects



Your paper will contain the following:

  • Minimum of 10 facts and underline each fact (50 points).
  • Discussion of each fact in detail showing in-depth critical thinking, hence quality work and must be college-quality writing (grammar, spelling and punctuation will count. No text message language i.e. “ thru” and “u”) (20 points).
  • Cite at least ten resources in the body of your paper with and proper citations (MLA or APA format) along with a reference page at the end of your paper (10 points).
  • Conclusion (title “Conclusion”) 1-2 paragraphs (10 points).
  • Summar  Stress and its health effects

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