Stroke Case Study – Neurological Studies

Neuro Instructions

Module Learning Outcomes (LO)

1. Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the nervous system and be able to identify the mechanisms by which components of the nervous system may become damaged.
2. Critically explain the theoretical and evidence-based underpinning of the physiotherapeutic techniques used within neurological rehabilitation.
3. Discuss and justify the elements of a safe and effective assessment of a client with neurological dysfunction.
4. Critically evaluate the physical, psychological and social impact of neurological impairment on an individual and their family/carers/others and strategies to promote acceptance, empowerment, and independence.

Assessment Task

Below is a case study based on a client with a neurological condition (applicable to Physiotherapy professional practice).

You are required to explore, critique and interpret the existing literature relevant to the case, in relation to your own professional practice and that of the wider healthcare team.

Case Study:

Mr Singh is a 68 year old retired doctor. He was admitted to hospital seven days ago with symptoms of a stroke. Mr Singh had both a Computerised Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scans which confirmed he had had a left-sided Total Anterior Circulation Infarct (TACI).

You are seeing Mr Singh in hospital on a stroke rehabilitation ward. He has an independent sitting balance and sits out daily in an armchair. He has a right-sided weakness, and increased tone in his right upper limb which he holds in a flexed position. He is able to stand with the assistance of two therapists, and today has taken his first steps with assistance.

Mr Singh’s speech has been affected by his stroke and he appears low in mood and quite frustrated. He normally lives with his wife in a detached house and is keen to go home. He has five adult children, all of whom live away and have children of their own. His hobbies include playing golf with his friends, reading and playing board games.

Assignment Brief:

  • With relation to the evidence-based, critically explain and justify the physiotherapy assessment, treatment, and management of patients (such as Mr. Singh) who have had a stroke. Consider safety and clinical effectiveness.
  • Include in your assignment a discussion demonstrating a comprehensive level of knowledge and understanding of the pathophysiology of a stroke and its relationship to the signs, symptoms, and impairments experienced by patients and those specific impairments experienced by Mr. Singh.
  • Discuss the roles and professional input of the members of the wider multi-disciplinary team in the management of stroke.
  • Throughout your assignment consider and evaluate not only the physical implications but also the psychological and social impact a diagnosis of a stroke may have for Mr. Singh and his family.

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