The concept of pregnancy planning

The concept of pregnancy planning


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Question 2 Cultural Influences

The concept of pregnancy planning can be a sensitive topic within women health as it relates to body changes. In any medical case, cultural considerations are crucial as it contributes to the decision-making process. There are many aspects of a culture that can affect a pregnancy, such as diet and other traditional customs that involve daily activities. According to Carcio and Secor, the preconception goal is to evaluate risk factors and provide counseling that aims to obtain an optimal health status for the mother and fetus (2015)The concept of pregnancy planning .


This means that medical history is essential and lifestyle habits. For instance, substance abuse can be a negative impact in maternity that can lead to life threatening complications. Moreover, the assessment should include a nutritional evaluation and cultural preferences within the family environment. The important of cultural influences and awareness relates to maternal safety. This can include concerns within access due to preferences or lack of access. According to Jones, Lattof, and Coast, minority or religious groups commonly have poor access to care, which is linked to poor health outcomes (2017). This is a concern that can be preventable within the community. The community can provide resources with educational handouts that focus on maternity care. Another resource can include a cultural broker or interpreter that revolves around patient needs. Correspondingly, community centers or other organizations within maternal care should include training within cultural awareness. This should emphasize improvements within an understanding and respect toward diversity. As a result, strategies within cultural considerations are crucial for the wellbeing of maternity care The concept of pregnancy planning .   


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The concept of pregnancy planning