The Ethical Perspective of Euthanasia

The Ethical Perspective of Euthanasia

Question one

Euthanasia is the act of killing somebody to end their pain and suffering. (“Ethics of euthanasia – introduction,” 2014). I would consider euthanasia unethical as it involves taking away human life.

Question Two

The man intended to relieve pain and suffering for the wife. Ethical relativism is the theory that embraces that moral quality is comparative to the standards of one’s ethos. Whether an deed is right or wrong is based on the ethical standards of society (MacKinnon & Fiala, 2014). According to my surrounding society, murder is unacceptable in all circumstances. The Ethical Perspective of Euthanasia


Question Three

Most religions are against euthanasia. In this context, societies guided by religion, such as Christianity and Muslims, would consider the action wrong. These religions view human life as unique, and euthanasia is forbidden by the Supreme Being (“Religion and euthanasia,” 2014.). However, the Muslim death penalty is acceptable for those who commit murder, adultery, or deny Islam faith.

Question Four

Murder causes grief among the family and community affected. It is often difficult to understand how one can take the life of someone with whom they have a close relationship (Levin & Wiest, 2018, p. 3-4). Therefore, if faced with a similar situation, I would not take the life of someone close.


Question Five


Premeditated murder is socially, morally, and legally acceptable in the form of euthanasia. Some of the countries that legalized euthanasia include; Canada, Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, and Colombia, and in the US states of Oregon, Washington, Vermont, Montana, Colorado, California, and Washington DC (Young et al., 2018).


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