The literature review

The literature review


This needs to go with my Research proposal. Attached feedback document for our annotated reference list, please use professor feedback corrections for not to happen again.
Prepare and submit your draft literature review summarizing the central themes or key findings from the identified secondary and primary scholarly literature sources that you propose including in your research proposal and as they relate to your problem statement and research question(s). All literature used must be properly cited and referenced in APA format The literature review.


The number, type, quality, and relevance of the references cited in the literature review are a direct reflection of the level of scholarly effort you have invested in the preliminary research and analysis of your selected topic. The attached PowerPoint review the basics of citing sources and outlines common problem areas in APA formatting.

  • The literature review should comply with the following general formatting requirements:
    • Typed using 12-point Times New Roman font
    • Double-spaced throughout the entire paper
    • Use a 1-inch margin
    • The page header should include your title and page numbers
    • The cover/Title page will include your name and the date of submission.

    Attached Sample Literature review document. The literature review

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