Transgender Articles Comparison Paper

Transgender Articles Comparison Paper


Pick one Harvard Business Review article and at least one other article from a scholarly peer-reviewed journal. Neither article should be listed in the readings for this course. The two articles should have similar themes, such as one of the trends from the SIOP article or other current topic in IO psychology (e.g., transgender issues in the workplace or social networking and employee engagement…etc.).

In your paper, do the following:


Compare and contrast the main points of each article.
What are the main differences between the mainstream article (from Harvard Business Review) and the scholarly article? What are the similarities?
In research or in working with clients, when would you choose the more mainstream article?
In which specific instances would you use the more scholarly article?
When would you use both?
What did you learn from comparing a mainstream article with a scholarly article of the same theme? Transgender Articles Comparison Paper

NOTE: To find a Harvard Business Review article, go to EBSCO. Type in “Harvard Business Review” and select “SO Source.” You may also choose to select “full text,” “references available,” and “scholarly peer reviewed journals.” In addition, adjust the “publication date” to be between 2010 and now. Finally, you may also wish to sort by “date newest” instead of “relevance” once you are only viewing Harvard Business Review articles. Now, you can scroll down until you find something of interest or add in another key word.

The paper should be in APA style and a minimum of 1500 words Transgender Articles Comparison Paper


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